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A Sad Day for WNTS

It's a sad day for one television station, WNTS in rural Upstate New York.

The video server that was supposed to be installed within two weeks of delivery is still not operational today, seven weeks after it was shipped to the headend. On the Time Warner list of things to do, attention to this small independent broadcaster falls right below "Kick the Dog".

The station's plans to be utilizing the server over the last month have been unachievable, and today, October 1st, 2010, a major milestone for the small community station, plans for the first live broadcast, a fund raising telethon for the local "Meals on Wheels" organization, are ruined. Breaking the news that we would be unable to show the event was a sad and difficult task.

In spite of constant emails asking for assistance and information, requests remained unanswered for nearly four weeks.Even after receiving a response, getting any type of action has been agonizingly slow.

This delay has cost us a great deal of money from our advertisers and sponsors We are unable to offer local news, weather, and sports. Confidence in our station is waning, and a charitable organization that provides a much needed community service also has to suffer.I am disappointed, angry, embarrassed, and frustrated, and I hope we find a way to make the giant service providers like Time Warner realize the importance of responding the needs of the communities they serve.