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Information on becoming a leased access programmer

Information on becoming a leased access programmer

For starters, all cable sites are required by law to ‘set aside’ a percentage of active channels for leased access programmers, unaffiliated with the site ownership.  Production standards are not excessive and easily met by video producers with the one major obstacle being FCC permits them to require LAPers (leased access programmers) to carry a special insurance policy, Media Perils, often found to be somewhat expensive, especially for small part-time programmers.


Since leased access carriage is very ‘site specific’ it means anyone seeking carriage must contact the particular site or sites they want to use and request rates and other basic information. It is sometimes difficult to determine who to contact with this request.


Once a request is received most cable operators send basic info, sometimes part-time rates, and their ‘application’,  often with questions that should not be part of information they need to meet FCC rules for providing carriage.  Persons dealing direct with cable sites are encouraged to contact LAPA ( to seek advice on filling these forms.


Rates are relatively reasonable, especially when compared to purchasing time for shows to air on any local channels operated by the cable system. They’re directly related to the number of subscribers as well as ‘time of day’.  For example time for a half hour on a small system may cost $5 between midnight and 6am; $10 between 6am and 6pm and $25 between 6pm and 12am. This are only cited to show the difference in time of day. A Prime Time (6pm/12am) may be a few hundred dollars on a site with thousands of subscribers but only $25 or less on one with only a few thousand.


Those interested in dealing direct with cable operators may become discouraged with the sometimes difficult task of finding the contact and/or then trying to follow through with an application.


StogMedia, president Stogner’s, company offers an affiliate plan where they handle all dealings with cable as well as providing the required insurance, all for a fee less than the cost of acting direct with the cable operator.


For copies of our affiliate program and a sample affiliate agreement for your consideration,  email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">'+addy_text12774+'<\/a>'; //--> .


Charlie Stogner