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If you’re a LAPer, you better pay attention

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Cable/telco companies are starting to view local origination/leased access (LO/LA) services as a source of new revenue, and providing a market advantage over satellite providers. This White Paper addresses current Market Dynamics changing the perception of (LO/LA), including:

-The Transition To IP Networks
- Introduction Of High Density Broadcast Servers
- Increased Hyper-local Content Demand
- Growth Of Commercial Services
- LO/LA Ad Insertion

More and more cable sites now have their ad insert reps creating local features and selling ads and sponsorships and are doing so in the same type shows the local LAPer should excel at. One site now has a different area high school coach on a show Monday through Thursday and they’re getting the addollars a LAPer would have from the same type shows.

If you don’t realize how cable is gradually encroaching on what should be our bailiwick and doing so on the basic tiers while placing our channels on digital with maybe 65% as many subscribers as well as now forcing us to pay for expensive equipment to be on the digital tier while NOT charging these same fees to the non-leased programmers on those same digital tiers, then you’re destined to be like the frog placed in a boiler with cold water and the stove eye turned on.

FCC is refusing to even answer basic questions regarding technical issues where there’s existing evidence the Commission or rather the Media Bureau, would have to rule cable cannot impose these burdens on us. You need to begin paying attention to this site, communicate with me, Charlie Stogner, LAPA president; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call me at 601-914-6672 and let me enlighten you on why you need to bring the inaction of FCC to the attention of your members of Congress.

I am hearing of more persons begin forced out of using leased access by aggressive cable sites than I learn of persons becoming new users.

Charlie Stogner