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How FCC;s Actions Hurt Leased Access Entrepreneurs.

Back on April 1, 2008,StogMedia, filed a petition for relief with FCC seeking to have Cable One provide us with a broadband modem to receive our IPTV signal via the Internet.

In the ruling that was adopted March 5, 2009,some 11 months later, FCC stated, "because Cable One is not providing broadband capacity for free to any non-leased or leased access programmer on its system, it may charge StogMedia"

FCC went a little further in also stating Cable One provision of headend facilities"does not absolve leased access programmers, such as StogMedia, from the responsibility of transporting their programming to cable systems’ headends.".Oddly it's hard to understand why this was included in the order since StogMedia never requested Cable One to 'deliver' signals, only receive them.StogTv fullyunderstood it was their responsibility to get their signal to the headend but thought FCC's rule were clear that Cable One was to receive and transfer them to the designated channel.

One key reason, if not the main reason, FCC ruled that Cable One could charge us for broadband reception seemed to be based in Cable One's contention in their response to the petition that StogMedia was the only programmer using the Internet to transport programming, failing to mention their own local origination channel, a direct competitor to StogMedia's local leased access programming used the Internet to deliver video content to a KeyWest MediaXtreme playback device in the headend, basically the same type equipment as used by StogMedia.

Cable One also failed to reveal they also provided a cable modem in the headend for their ad sales division to have a Slingbox, apparently for monitoring ad inserts.

As a result of FCC's ruling we're required to pay Cable One to receive our signal.

Now StogMedia has installed their Star-Cast server in Cable One's Brookhaven, Ms. headend and subscribes to their broadband service to receive the signal and transfer it to the channel.In this headend is a broadband modem used by their ad insert contractor Comcast Spotlight for delivering video content for ad inserts.There also is a Slingbox for their technical personnel to be able to view channels remotely.

Oh, I almost forgot. The're billing StogTv for uploading to my own equipment over broadband service I pay them for.

If any of you that are using leasedaccess are experiencingplease email info on this to our association at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.